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Hello Webelos!

posted Aug 31, 2016, 9:51 AM by Unknown user

Welcome to another year of scouting, and - for those of you that are new - welcome aboard!

The pack is getting much more organized and we're enjoying much higher levels of volunteer support that in the past, which is good because we're growing a lot. We have 12 Webelos this year, which is HUGE for a den and would typically be 2 dens, so we will need all of your adult support to make it work. The next few den meeting dates are below, feel free to reply-all for discussion and/or questions (this is a group list - The Webelos are becoming more and more independent and trainsitioning from a parent-led group to a scout-led group, so drop-offs are totally fine (as long as you're not the parent organizing the meeting!) except for sometimes when we have parent-stuff to talk about (like calendars).

Also, don't forget to check our website and specifically the Webelos den page ( for back-issues of these emails and details about requirements, uniforms, and other things you're wondering...

Sincerely, your den co-leaders - Dan and Suzanne

September 9th: Let's have our first Webelos Den Meeting of the year ASAP to get things rolling along. I hope that next Friday (September 9th) from 5pm to about 6pm is OK for everyone. Parents need to be here for at least the second half of this meeting. Let's meet at the Scout Hut (same place as the Pack meeting last Thursday). For the new scouts, the first thing to work on and hopefully complete before the next pack meeting is to earn the Bobcat badge/rank.  For everyone, we will review the year's requirements and come up with a plan to complete everything with as much parent help/involvement as possible. Bring your calendars! We will receive and start looking at our Webelos books at the meeting, talk about some homework to do, and learn (or review) how to build a fire. We'll be starting the first adventure, Cast Iron Chef

September 18th:
Let's meet in Memorial Park on South Picnic Lane at 4pm. At this meeting we will complete the Cast Iron Chef adventure (and the boys will receive recognition for this at the next Pack Meeting).

(September 22nd: Pack Meeting)

October 9th: 
Our next (regular) scheduled 2nd-Sunday-of-the-month meeting is October 9th. I have requested a tour of the Fire Station at 5880 Woodway Drive, after which we'll walk across the street to Tanglewood Park to review and discuss the First Responder Adventure.  There will be homework/preparation for this meeting, which we will talk about in advance.

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