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Spring Campout

March 29-31 2019
Brazos Bend State Park



Nature has top billing at this park. Be sure to bring your walking shoes, binoculars, camera, and definitely your bicycle!

Friday night we will honor the Arrow of Light Scouts that are soon moving up to become Boy Scouts. Their "crossing over" ceremony will be a very special affair with many guests visiting. The event combines aspects of native American traditional and Scouting lore in what will surely be a night to remember. The ceremony will be held at the State Park's amphitheatre, a short walk from our campsite.

There are 37 miles of trails to explore at Brazos Bend on SaturdayBesides marveling at nature, we will hike and bike, fish, picnic, geocache, and relax. Of course we'll pay due respect to the park's native inhabitants, the alligators, which are common in the park - read the park's alligator safety tips!  

Brazos Bend is also home to the George Observatory, home to three large domed telescopes and part of the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  All those interested will have the opportunity to do some stargazing with the pros Saturday night.


Click here for a facilities map.  We will be staying in the Youth Group Camping Area (at the north end of Hale Lake). This is a primitive campsite, with only minimal facilities, but the rustic accommodations mean we will be close to the best fishing, hiking, and biking trails! 


Youth Group Camping Area
Restricted to nonprofit youth group organizations; no individuals or adult groups allowed. Must walk 25-50 yards from the parking lot. Restrooms are 1/4 mile away. Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. - 6 a.m.. Check in by 3 p.m.; Check out by 11 a.m.. You must remove all litter and trash.
  • Large fire pit with grill
  • Picnic table and benches
  • Water spigot in the area
  • No electricity

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Jan 21, 2017, 9:14 PM