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Daniel Lieberman Receives Unit Leader's Award of Merit

posted Feb 25, 2017, 10:33 PM by Daniel Gildersleeve   [ updated Feb 25, 2017, 10:42 PM ]

Daniel Lieberman Unit Leader's Award of Merit

The Unit Leader's Award of Merit

Cub Scout Pack 354 of Sam Houston Area Council’s Twin Bayou District is both proud and privileged to have our Cubmaster, Daniel Lieberman, presented with the Unit Leader of Merit Award.

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This distinguished award is reserved to recognize exemplary volunteer leaders in the district who have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty in delivering the promise of scouting to their scouts and families. Nominees are considered on a combination of personal contribution and overall pack performance in regards to both the scouting program and individual scout advancement.

This award was presented by Twin Bayou District Commissioner, Zig Werlla, to Daniel at our inaugural Blue & Gold banquet on February 23rd, 2017.

A Few Words from District Commissioner Werlla

"Quality unit leadership is the key to a quality unit program. Statistics show that if a Scout stays active in the program for at least five years, BSA’s influence likely will stay with that Scout for the rest of their life. A quality Scouting experience will help keep Scouts engaged and active in the program.

"Tonight, I have the privilege of presenting the Unit Leader Award of Merit. This award was created by the Boy Scouts of America to recognize outstanding unit leaders who help create and maintain a vibrant program for Scouts.

"I believe it is appropriate to read a few excerpts from the letter that accompanied his nomination for this award. It will give you a sense of who Dan is and how he is appreciated by all."

Excerpts from Dan's Nomination

When Dan first assumed his position, the leadership of our entire Pack was limited to a handful of committed volunteers, who were stretched to their limits.

Lacking enough parent volunteers, in addition to the role of Cubmaster, Dan took on the roles of Den Leader, outdoor activity leader, membership chair, social media chair, and fundraising chair.

Two years later, every volunteer position has been filled. We now have a Pack Committee Chair. Tonight we are hosting our first Blue & Gold Banquet. The Pack has grown by 71% with total membership of over 60 scouts! The most obvious change resulting from Dan’s leadership is our parent’s willingness to volunteer and become involved with our Pack.

Going above and beyond the responsibilities of his position defines Cubmaster Dan. He single-handedly built a professionally designed web site – This website is central to all of our activities. Members can view the calendar, download event details, review training requirements and find contact information. Now families can register for outdoor activities and sign up for campout assignments. Payments can be made over the website using credit cards and smartphones. Dan created every one of these website elements on his own initiative.

There is no more important impact from Dan’s leadership than the difference it’s made for the Scouts themselves. There has been a fundamental shift in our program that is more inspirational for our young men. There is a newfound sense of dedication from our scouts and a more enthusiastic involvement in outdoor activities. Opportunities for our scouts to give back to the community have grown tremendously. They now volunteer at food banks, schools and churches. Quite frankly, our Scouts seem to be having more fun!

As a result of his leadership, unfailing dedication and exuberant commitment to Pack 354, we wholeheartedly recommend Dan Lieberman for this award!

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Presenting the Unit Leader's Award of Merit

"On behalf of Pack 354, Twin Bayou District, Sam Houston Area Council and the Boy Scouts of America, I am pleased to present the Unit Leader Award of Merit to Daniel E. Lieberman, Cubmaster for Pack 354.

Dan, thank you for all that you do for the young men of Pack 354 and the Scouting program. Congratulations for receiving the Unit Leader Award of Merit which recognizes a job well done!"

-Zig Werlla, District Commissioner, Twin Bayou, Sam Houston Area Council