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Disaster Recovery - Donations and Volunteers

posted Sep 1, 2017, 8:26 PM by Dan Lieberman   [ updated Sep 3, 2017, 9:49 PM ]
The last several days have made us painfully aware of the brute force and sheer devastation that Mother Nature can bring down on us. Over the same short time, however, we have also been given the opportunity to witness the awesome power of Human Nature through the kindness and generosity of volunteers and donors near and far. Friends, family, and many complete strangers have heard the call and stepped up to help their fellow man (and woman).

For my part, I have spent each of the last several days with my wife and children reaching out directly to our close friends that were affected most severely. We pumped, dumped, tossed, mopped, ripped up and tore out. Tomorrow, we'll do it all again. The day after, again. For a few families, the task of rebuilding can begin. Tomorrow, one more family. Countless Houston residents are still wading through their homes with so much work to do, while others are only just now returning for the first time after having been evacuated nearly one week ago. They all have an arduous slog ahead, and can use our hands, our backs, and our support. 

For those Cub Scout Pack 354 families and scouts that are ready, willing, and able to support recovery efforts already well underway across the city, please email me directly (, wear your Class-B pack t-shirt if you have one, and join me along with other Scouts and leaders. Tomorrow I will be heading again to the Meyerland neighborhood to help one family that I just heard needs our help. If we can get them set, we'll check in at the local community center, drop off donated supplies, and get another labor assignment.

For those that aren't local but still wish to help and for ANYONE who can do so, you can support our efforts by donating using the following apps/websites:
Our goal is to raise $1,000 per day to purchase the most needed supplies on a daily basis for distribution directly to families in need throughout the affected neighborhoods. Today the most critical items are bleach, garbage bags, mops, buckets, fans, and towels. I will post updates here and on facebook ( to share our progress and show you what you have helped accomplish.

Upon request, I will provide the Tax ID # for our chartering organization; seek appropriate advice as to whether your donation is tax-deductible. I will use facebook as my primary means to communicate updates, and will post our receipts, purchases, donations, and photos of the great work we're doing. I will also continue to email this group.

Please - spread the word and recruit your friends and relatives. Forward my email, or direct them to others like the local BakerRipley charity that is running the largest shelter or the Houston Food Bank. However you decide to show your support, just do it.

Finally, and as always... do your best! - Cubmaster Dan

Daily Updates:

I will continue to add details of donations, activities, and supply-runs here. Please keep the donations coming in, spread the word to get your friends and relatives to help us by volunteering or donating. I am also providing updates throughout each day on facebook.

9/1 volunteered all day between Trotter YMCA and Evelyn Rubenstein JCC

9/2 end-of-day update: yesterday's donations totaled $449 (details are available on my venmo page). Off to do some more shopping tomorrow! Today several scouts volunteered at the JCC and others joined me at one house in Bellaire (along with many other friends and Briargrove neighborhood residents). 

9/3 morning update: went to Lowe's, ACE, Home Depot, and Bering's (everyone is low on inventory), and spent a total of $644.60 (receipts are posted below)

9/3 evening update: today's donations totaled $748.81, a full $168.81 of which was from Olivia Rissmiller's bake sale (see picture below). Tomorrow morning I will do another shopping trip.


Dan Lieberman,
Sep 3, 2017, 7:49 PM